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Uterine Cancer





Uterine cancer is a growth of nalignant cells in endometrial (uterine) lining and/or endometrial muscle.

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Fibroid Uterus




A fibroid uterus, also known as uterine fibroids, is a non-cancerous growth of the uterus. These growths are made up of muscle and connective tissue and can vary in size. 

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Ovarian Cancer





Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the ovaries.  produce eggs (ova) as well as the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

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Uterine Bleeding




Uterine bleeding, also known as abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB), refers to any bleeding that occurs outside of a woman’s normal menstrual cycle.

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Cervical Cancer




Cervical cancer means cancer of uterine cervix, the part of uterus that continues in to vagina (birth canal) below.

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Ovarian Cyst




An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac that forms on or inside the ovaries of a woman’s reproductive system. 

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Vulvar Cancer




Vulvar cancer is a type of cancer that occurs on the outer surface area of the female genitalia. The vulva is the area of skin that surrounds the urethra 

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Breast Cancer




Breast cancer is a type of cancer that develops in the cells of the breast. It occurs when abnormal cells in the breast begin to grow uncontrollably, forming a tumor.

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Dr. Monisha Gupta

Senior Consultant (Gynae Oncologist)

Welcome to website of Dr Monisha Gupta, the reputed cancer specialist (Gynae Oncologist) in New Delhi. She is an expert in management of all Gynae cancers: Ovarian cancer, Cervical Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Vulval Cancer and Vaginal Cancer. She is currently working as Consultant Gynecological Oncology at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh and Pitampura, New Delhi.

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What We Provide

We provide comprehensive services include advanced diagnostic techniques and screening programs for uterine, ovarian, cervical, and vulvar cancers, ensuring early detection for better treatment outcomes.

  • Gynecologic Oncologists

    Gynecologic oncologists are specialized in the treatment of cancers affecting the female reproductive system.

  • Oncology Surgery

    Surgeons specializing in gynecologic oncology focus on surgical interventions for cancers in the female reproductive system

  • Radiation Oncologists

    Radiation oncologists specialize in the use of radiation therapy for cancer treatment. They may be involved in the management of certain gynecologic cancers, providing radiation therapy to target and destroy cancer cells.

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